What is a Chiropractor?

Education and Skill Set

Chiropractic doctors are health care professionals that commonly complete a 4 to 5-year undergraduate bachelor’s degree before finishing their 4 years of chiropractic schooling at a designated institution. During their training they learn how to identify pathologies that originate in the spine and extremities as well as diagnose conditions related to the muscles, joints, and the nervous system. Furthermore, chiropractors learn how to treat musculoskeletal conditions using various techniques such as spinal/extremity manipulation/mobilization, passive/active stretching, soft tissue release, exercise therapy, acupuncture, education, and modality therapy (Low-level laser technique, interferential current, ultrasound, shockwave). Chiropractors are also trained in taking and reading x-rays as well as leading nutritional consultations.

What does a visit with the Chiropractor look like?

Chiropractors at Muscle & Movement work with their patients to expedite their recovery and promote better living with an emphasis on patient empowerment. At the initial visit, the chiropractor will conduct a history examination which will involve asking relevant questions regarding the patient’s complaint as well as secondary medical questions to give the chiropractor a holistic understanding of the patient. Next, the chiropractor will perform a physical exam consisting of various tests and maneuvers to recreate the patient’s chief complaint and determine the root cause of their problem. Once a diagnosis is determined, the chiropractor will explain to the patient their proposed treatment plan based on the practitioner’s and patient’s goals.

There are some scenarios where the chiropractor will not be able to help the patient, in which case the chiropractor will refer the patient to the proper medical professional. A few scenarios where a patient may need a referral is if the pathology is outside of the chiropractor’s scope of practice or medical imaging is warranted. In other scenarios, our chiropractors will collaboratively work with our massage therapists, physiotherapists, kinesiologists, and/or naturopathic doctors to treat their patients. This holistic method of treatment promotes efficient recovery and optimal performance.

Why you should book with us

We believe that everyone should have access to optimal health care. Our passionate and experienced Chiropractors are committed to helping you on your journey to improve your health and fitness. Please give us a call if you have any further questions or would like to book an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

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